Hey App.

an innovative to-do application

The project

An app to help the daily struggles

Hey App is a project that has been developped during a 2 weeks workshop. The goal was to make an application that can help people for daily tasks.

After some interviews in various professional domains, we noticed that people struggled with time management and are usually overwelmed.

Landing Page Hey Application

the application

Help your friends, they will help you

'Hey' allows you to send some kind of quests in groups of people who are ready to help you. If they accept, they will have a certain amount of time to help you in your request, like do the dishes, by some groceries, …

Application Mobile Hey

We only use one font for the landing page and the application to keep some consistancy. The background colors are dark to make the tiles colors more visible and give them more importance. The colors of the quests are the colors we used for the logo.

Typography Title

Proxima Nova | Semibold

Typography Text

Proxima Nova | Regular



Quick and efficiant

'Hey' is designed to be quick. You don’t have much time to lose so sending or accepting a quest is easy and very fast. The interactions are designed to make...

...the navigation friendly. You can directly access to your quests when you log in the application and most of the interactions like delete a quest or accept it are intuitives
(like a system of swipe).

Picto Helmet Application

the plus

You’re a knight, improve your helmet

In my opinion, gamification is a plus in most of the apps. It adds some other goals than the very essence of the app. So in 'Hey', if you are a proud knight and help lot of people, you can unlock some goods. Neat.