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The project

A music label website

The TDE Website is about giving a fresh and good impression of rap music to people who are not familiar with this universe.

Being a fan of rap music, especially from Los Angeles, I had no other option than picking TDE, that I admire for his style.


Know the subject, fit the style

When I am designing a website, I like to fit the the raw material and to add some of my own personnality to it. For MusicPLZ, it was easy : I have almost the same tastes than
Top Dawg Entertainement : street and classy.

Capture Clip 'Humble'

The Source Sans typography combined with all the colors I picked are used to give a luxury (but not bling-bling) impression. Just like the label, the website is all black and gold, fitting to the Kendrick’s surname : Gold Jaguar.

Typography Title

Source Sans Pro

Typography Text

Source Sans Pro



Giving an understanding experience

After collecting all the information, listen to most of the songs and searching for the best visuals, it’s time to create the website.

It’s always a great experience to find the best way for me to give the most informations by the best way.
For MusicPLZ, the challenge was to give the right image of the rap, to overpass the cliches.

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Visit the website on the road

Mobile has taken a really important place in our generation. So of course, the TDE Website is designed to be consulted as well on desktop and on mobile devices. So enjoy your travels consulting it everywhere at every time !