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a daily challenge for developpers

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the project

A daily challenge to get good

DailyCode is a collaborative project that is about giving people various challenges of coding things and sharing them with other designers/developpers.

It takes inspiration in the DailyUI challenge that I’ve been doing. it’s kinda the same, but for JavaScript developpers and coders.

landing page

Where the challenge begins

We wanted to give a real impression of code in our landing page, so we matched the colors and add some features that remind us of a coding software. The typography and pictos also work that way.

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We are one big family

The DailyUI challenge showed me that there is a lot of wonderful people that can inspirate you for design, so why not for developpment ?

It’s cool to make visuals, but concretisze it by coding it is even better. I think that that part is even important than the design part, and that we have to show the world that coding can be as great as designing !

We have used the Source Code Pro for titles to reminds user of the code aspect of the project. The colors are those that are usually used as background's and typography's color of developpers softwares.

Typography Title

Source Code Pro

Typography Text



the collaboration

It takes two flints to make fire

I was not alone for this great project, so special thanks to Maxime Rahier and Elsa Toussaint. I always find that teamworks can take the best of us. We learn from each others, and get better from these collaborations.

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