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Case Study : Miso Point

A temporary exposition about feminism and the Nietzsche’s vision of women. This multi-plateform project was made with print designers on a tight deadline.

Visual identity

Exposition stand

The Project

We had 2 days to create an exposition and all the communication. It was about Nietzsche's essais and we had to present them in a more playful way.

  • A website
  • Some prints
  • An exposition

The Typography

The simple yet impactful typography is inspired by Barbara Kruger, who's work is all about woman power and emancipation, like the Miso-Point exposition.

Typography in use

Visual identity


The Visuals

The black and white is here to represent the dehumanisation. Women are objects of consumption according to Nietzche and the faceless representation reinforces this idea.


What I learnt

It was great to work with designers from other formation. The short deadline and teamwork was more representative of the conditions in industry.

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